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Adapted flow triggers used in golf practice & competition boost the optimal experience and create trust and confidence in every aspect of the game.

NOTE: FlowCoach Golf module is a specialized module for certified FlowCoaches only. To become a FlowCoach click here.

flowcoach golf MODULE

With flow programs & triggers adapted for use both recreational & competitive golf players and supported by periodized flow golf programs for the complete golfing season, you will be able to teach your clients a deeper understanding how flow works to attain it more easily and frequently on a golf course.

Golf is a 100% mental game and as such requires us to develop a consistent and effective mental approach in which we want to experience optimal performance on the golf course.

Experience shows that most golfers do not undergo any mental training and solely rely on their technical improvements, so in many aspects this is a generally neglected part of golf practice.

On the other hand, research and experience from professional golfers show, that the right mental approach is crucial for tapping into the optimal golf performance, unveiling completely new layers & levels of advancements.

Flow Golf system based on the principles of the FlowCode, offers an effective and straightforward approach to the mental golf preparation by applying the latest cutting edge scientific know how of the flow state, while taking a leap forward in understanding how to apply it to the game of golf in an optimal way.



Flow programs & triggers adapted to the game of golf

Adapted interventions used in golf practice & competition are geared toward achieving the optimal state of mind and create trust and confidence in every aspect of the game.

for golf

FlowCoaches are further able to diversify knowledge and application of flow to different target groups with the help of flow specific / continuing education modules.

Flow programs & triggers adapted to the game of golf

Flow programs and triggers can be applied to different setups such as practice range, golf course, off and in season mental preparation in both individual and group setups, offering a wide range of options for further adaptation.

Periodized programs for competitive or recreational golf season

Take advantage of long term flow programming for professional golfers and golf enthusiasts alike, enabling you a template to optimally program their way into a joyous, fulfilling & flowing golf experience.

Specialized marketing & presentation materials

With the package you also get complete materials for presentation purposes in order to successfuly market your new knowledge in the form of different offers for different target groups. You receive lecturing slides, A4 Flow Golf coaching offers, motivational posters with quotes from famous golfers, FlowGolf PDF manual etc.

FlowHub® Pro & FlowHub® 7 apps

Get access to ready made flow triggers & programs for golf

Get access to additional golf module section with ready made flow triggers & programs for golf with all educational support & marketing materials to market your new knowledge to individual clients or groups.

FlowCode lessons

With over 3 hours of fantastic presentations that bring extensive, easy to use knowledge about flow science & FlowCode method at your fingertips

Variety of Flow triggers & programs for every situation

Choose from over 500 different flow triggers with accompanying programs for every possible situation, whch you can easily adapt to your different client needs and setups.

Specific flow programs for golf with adapted interventions

Adapted programs & interventions for specific setups one can find in the game of golf (practice range, golf course, off season mental preparation, individual and group setups …) 

With Flow Golf module, you also receive access to the FlowHub® 7 app portal with flow golf programs & triggers, which enables you to seamlessly deliver content to your client’s phone or desktop.

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Complete FlowCoach golf module

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NOTE: Individual access to FlowCoach Golf module is for certified FlowCoaches only.
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