Are you ready to teach flow? Become a FlowCoach & get certified online. Join the Flow Education Alliance, a network of professionals who are teaching flow to millions of clients around the world.

FLOWcode flow coach

498 €

Become a Flow Coach & get certified through cutting edge online education. Get access to all FlowCode education materials and receive FlowCoach® lifetime certification.

education course

298 €

Nirvana® is a flow group fitness solution for professionals which includes the most relaxing flow of uplifting music beat, pilates/yoga toning exercises & rhythmic breathing.

Flow Golf coach

198 €

Become a Golf FlowCoach and use adapted flow triggers used in golf practice & competition to boost the optimal experience and create trust and confidence in every aspect of the game.

Flow corporate coach course

198 €

Become a Corporate Flowcoach and offer companies a complete flow & wellbeing solution by implementing individual and group interventions, workshops, flow teambuildings …

FlowHub® 7 Courses

Flow courses for anyone who would like to experience the state of flow, tap into their full potential & shortcut the way into the optimal state.


19.90 €

Learn how to biohack your sleep

28 day deep sleep course is a simple and accesible solution to help you solve your sleeping disorder and get you a good night sleep and possibility of active and healthy daily life.


49.90 €

Master the mind game of golf

Join the online course & become a master of golf by achieving the state that is fluid & rhythmic, the state of mind in which the game of golf flows … like a summer breeze.

UPCOMING FlowHUB® 7 Courses

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29.90 €

Sign up for a Flow Dating course – Become a master of dating

Every dating is plagued with anxiety. In flow every person becomes attractive solely on the notion of self confidence and absence of fear. Learn to become fearless dating machine that flows!

Flow PARTNERING course

29.90 €

Sign up for a Flow Partnering course – Become a master of partnering

Flow partnering offers best tools, systems and practices to hack love and create better partner connection by flowing individualy and as a couple.


29.90 €

 Become a master of parenting

Parents learn to identify when their children are experiencing flow, anxiety or boredom, and can help them create perfect environment for maximizing kid’s inner motivation, resilience, focus & zest to learn.