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Welcome to the FlowHub7 Influencer (Affiliate) Program

Below you will find some further information about collaboration and marketing possibilities.


Payouts take place for the sales of the previous month until the 20th in the following month. They can be done based on an invoice (when a limit of the total of sales commissions in an amount of 50 USD is reached) or one can use the commission from sales for purchases in the FlowCode shop, for license prolongations, purchases of additional educational modules or similar. 

All details in the Payouts section of the Influencer Agreement

Marketing materials

Your personalized voucher with your promo code

Apply to get the promo code and voucher at support@theflowcode.com

Use the referral link in your Affiliate profile

Choose from a broad range of marketing materials available at 

https://theflowcode.com/gallery/ and our Facebook page

Terms and conditions

All the details of collaboration are stipulated in the Influencer  Agreement