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with over 700 flow triggers & programs.

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Experience reality where there is no doubt or fear, feel like everything is going your way, become perfectly fluid and easily achieve the state of flow within every situation.

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You know that state we’re in, when we act with razor sharp focus, our confidence is overwhelmed with certainty, our body and mind adapts to the situation effortlessly. ​

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System with a strong scientific foundation that maps the principles of flow and serves as a roadmap for creating and maintaining the optimal state.



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Transcend anxiety, depression and fear and turn it all
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Beat insomnia and trigger deep regenerative sleep 

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Boost your sport performance and improve ability to experience
“the zone” (flow)


Create flow culture to boost learning, creativity and energize teams 

Learn how to flow in any situation, as a parent, partner, at work … 

Boost the overall potential, experience freedom and transcend in ways never even dreamt of 


Programs use a wide array of flow trigger channels

Over 700 flow triggers for any situation

Over 150 flow trigger sets (afirmations, posters & programs)

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The complete roadmap to flow personality with highly scientific yet simple approach explained in over 30 professional video lessons.

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Enjoy a preview of over 700 flow triggers & programs with a wide variety of different techniques that will drive you into the state of flow.


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